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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Life is Like That!


Blogger Starship Enterprise said...

Mridula, nice picture! Reminds me of the tea-covered hills of Munnar and the tea-pickers children returning from school around mid-day..

Btw, Am linking your blog on my page:)

2:04 AM

Blogger lily b said...

Look at those big beautiful eyes! Is this the little girl who was waiting for her grandmother?

11:45 PM

Blogger Mridula said...

Starship, thanks for both, your kind words and for linking to me.

Lily, she is the same kid.

2:42 AM

Anonymous trying to live.. said...

Hi.B'ful blog indeed.
I had a great time watching the pics and wondering how interesting life could look to some people in a form..while at the same time,the same life is being lived away in oblivion..

Ain't that just beautiful?

regards..and best wishes..

12:27 AM


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