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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tsomgo Lake (Also Known as Changu Lake) East Sikkim


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice composition Mridula :)

How's it going with the new DSLR?

5:33 PM

Blogger Mridula said...

Thanks, Deepak. I still am quite hesitant with the DSLR but I am sure with time I will gain more comfort with it. That is another reason why I am looking forward to my next holiday so much which should happen in Feb.

11:16 PM

Blogger Nabeel said...

nice .. are these mountain animals .. how high was it?

9:30 PM

Blogger flygirl said...

Heh...great shot and subject. I can hear him talking in a slow sonorous voice about his life in the mountains, the silence, the greenery, the passing of seasons, the lack of eligible cows...

6:39 AM

Blogger backpakker said...

I like the yaks...they have great attitude :)

4:58 AM

Blogger 2write said...


You are so lucky and I wonder how you can afford so much time and money for travel.

You are truly blessed to have seen the diverse beauty of India and experienced so much already.

Love and Regards,

2:47 AM

Blogger Gypsy@Work said...

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12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW...this is a very beautifully captured shot!

8:46 PM

Blogger namaki said...

I like this picture ! it looks so steep behing it !

9:59 AM

Blogger Shan Nalliah / GANDHIYIST said...

Grretings from Norway!Keep going!
Good work!

9:39 PM

Blogger Sharodindu said...

Great Shot...It seems like the king approaching towards itz palace after having his bath...Fabulous!!!

Thanks for sharng!


10:59 AM

Blogger mina said...

That second photo is stunning!

11:34 AM

Blogger Julia Dutta said...

Some of your pictures should be in Outlook Traveller Books and the Magazine. Try writing into manju@outlookindia.com if you are not already published there. She heads the Books Division. Also: lesley.esteves@gmail.com. Both handle different books. Outlook Traveller magazine: nayantara@outlookindia.com and if that bounces then nayantara@outlooktraveller.com

But maybe you already knew about it all!!
Lovely pix Mridula.

1:46 AM

Blogger NPT said...

Really great work.....

12:21 AM

Blogger cyclopseven said...

Hidden beneath the altitude of isolation is utter meditation! A world apart, I guess:).

2:09 PM

Blogger Vinayak Razdan said...

Wonderful photographs!

5:23 AM

Anonymous Pedro said...

Nice Blog :) cool Pictures

Cheers from Portugal

8:50 AM

Blogger Kirigalpoththa said...

Very nice!

10:50 AM

Blogger Glennis said...

Nice photo, is it a Yak? or maybe a goat, its a large animal anyway, but the view behind him is lovely with its snowy mountains.

2:05 PM

Blogger ashok said...

wow! great snap!

12:20 AM

Anonymous Rahul said...

Tere Sath k Liye Hzaro Tanhaiya kurban,

Teri Ek Jhalak K Liye Hzaro Tasver Kurban.
Tu Dost Rhe Aur Kya Chaiye,

Teri Ek Hansi K Liye Meri Hr Khushi Kurban...

11:58 AM


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