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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Grand Old Tree


Blogger ram said...

Good shot but the blue seems to be a bit overwhelming. Is that the natural look or did you edit the image to create that effect?

5:12 PM

Blogger Mridula said...

Ram, good to see you again. I took this photograph in a small village in Himanchal Pradesh, near Hadsar. The blue is all natural. I generally do not edit my pictures. Sometimes, I do crop them, but that is all.

11:01 PM

Blogger L>T said...

Checking out your photo site. It's been awhile since I've been. Nice pictures. The trees remind me of some large oaks I seen in the dawn here. I love tree pictures. Something about the silhouette of a tree always gets my attention.

7:01 AM

Blogger backpack_everyday said...

hey when was the photo taken like morning or sometime else.
Its truly grand

12:21 AM

Blogger Paulilla said...

thanks for the post... but the picture it's not mine... it's from my computer. I wish i could take a good one like that.

But your pictures are very beautifull... it make me dream about other places from this little world.

By the way I'm form Chile, my language is "spanish".


12:24 AM


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