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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sometimes the Taj Mahal can Look Like This!

The Glorious Sight (But without the tree cover for right hand side plliar Taj Mahal had braces on July 21, 2006, see below)

On July 21, 2006 one pillar of Taj had these braces.

I have Princess Diana and many other in front of Taj Mahal but I liked what I saw here, apart from the sticks in the hands of people in the hands of people handling the garden mowing activity.


Blogger backpack_everyday said...

The taj is always an uncompromising sight.

5:44 AM

Anonymous Rohit Malik said...

Nice Pictures!

Cheers, Rohit

3:52 AM

Blogger ~ Deeps ~ said...

the first two are normal pics....the third one is quite interesting....good capture

5:11 AM

Blogger flygirl said...

hello mridula! *love* the photo of the er, lawnmowers, unique view of the Taj!

4:23 AM

Blogger myth_reality said...

Wow, I do love it! The last picture is especially interesting. Thank you for this nice view!

12:32 PM

Blogger Quilt Online said...

your glog is beautiful.

10:05 AM


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